AL-59 Conductor

AL-59 alloy conductors are manufactured from Al-Mg-Si (aluminum-magnesium-silica) rods. The conductor comprises of an inner core and concentrically arranged strands forming the inner and outer layers of the conductor.
ACSR conductors are limited by a maximum current carrying capacity of 838 amperes. The material of construction of AL-59 alloy conductors overcome this limitation enabling AL-59 alloy conductors to transfer up to 1307 amperes of current and evacuate up to 1405 mw of power (56 per cent higher than ACSR Conductors).

Additionally, AL-59 alloy conductors have 9 per cent better ‘strength to weight ratio’ and 8 per cent lower sag compared with ACSR conductors which enables effective optimisation of tower designs and future proofing of the grid.
In view of development of new power transmission and distribution grids by global power incumbents, AL-59 alloy conductors would have a special significance while designing transmission line networks, as the properties of these conductors enable superior power evacuation while optimising the cost of the entire grid.


Aluminium Conductors Technical Data Sheet(Specification)

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